136 alcobendas

Rehabilitation single family home, built 2021
elena almagro

the comprehensive refurbishment of this apartment for almost 300m2 pursues as a goal to fill natural light to all spaces and connect them to each other, creating a spacious, bright and connected to one another and the beautiful outside garden around them to do this, we perform large door openings in load-bearing walls and enlarge the holes in the areas of day to open them up to large verandas to the east and west that allow you to dump the life of the family also to the outside.

the spaces are organized in vertical stripes (living area, entry, dining room and kitchen games room), separated by the original structure of the housing and horizontal (living-dining-kitchen), connected by large holes that facilitate the circulation and increase the feeling of spaciousness to a simple stairway in a double-height space connects the ground floor with the bedrooms and the work area of the first floor