122 cherry garden

Rehabilitation housing, built 2018
elena almagro

We find a home with huge potential (rectangular, 3 facades to the street, and the structure of pillars...) but very poorly exploited, with 5 rooms, a corridor infinity and a tiny living room throw all the bricks and leave it to view the structure of the floor, with 2 columns and one beam made of reinforced concrete that goes through the entire house. The idea is to have a large central space, the most open space possible, that communicates the northern and southern facades to allow for cross-ventilation.

In this large space is the living-dining room and kitchen in the input, it generates a space professional, with the possibility to isolate themselves completely from the rest of the dwelling, through a few doors of polycarbonate, which maintains the feeling of spaciousness and light, even when closed. This space, professional office, work autonomously to the housing, allowing for the operation of this without interference to the bottom of the housing, are located in the bathrooms and 2 large bedrooms, which enjoy the status of a corner of the housing. Where originally there was a single bathroom, you create 2, smaller, connected by a glass wall that allows you to illuminate both with natural light.

Reduces the number of doors, making the entrance doors could also serve for closet doors